As a teacher, I feel pretty lucky to spend my days connecting with people and playing a role in them finding their full self expression.  Here are a few testimonials from students I've worked with over the years.  

When I think of Renee I automatically smile. She has that effect on people; you can’t even control it! I’ve been so fortunate to work with Renee as a regular yoga student and yoga retreat participant. Her ability to connect with you on the mat is one of her greatest strengths and you instantly feel like you know her and she knows you. Why? Because she is open and authentic and these values transcend words- you feel it in the room. She has a wonderful ability to get you to ‘feel’ the pose and to use yoga as a way to connect to yourself…that’s what she has done for me and my practice and I’m so grateful for that. As a group facilitator, Renee’s intuition was spot on- she challenged, supported and encouraged me to reflect and grow. Yoga has changed my life and Renee has definitely been a big part of that change; I don’t go to Renee’s classes for the yoga, I go for her and all that she offers (amazing tunes included!).  

- Giuseppina Pompei