Live in Discovery™

- A 200hr Teacher Training -




Discover who you are and own it in this two-week intensive is designed to fully envelope you in the practice, theory, and development of teacher training. Whether your intention is to teach yoga or deepen your practice, the Live in Discovery™ Training provides access to new possibilities on and off your mat.

Holistically designed, you will learn how to effectively teach asana, impactfully lead a class, and curiously and consistently be in discovery around who you are.  The immersive nature of the training allows you to delve deeply to draw out- and teach from- your most real and powerful self.  You won’t just know what to say to teach a class, you’ll know how to deliver your newfound knowledge powerfully and authentically. 


My Commitment to You

You will leave the training with a deeper insight and understanding of yourself, and these discoveries will energise and empower you to take your practice and your life to a whole new level.  You’ll discover your strengths and use them to help overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from being your true and authentic self. You will forge strong and empowering connections, and rediscover your power to create, renew, and revitalise relationships in your life. All the elements of the training will combine to leave you with the ability and confidence to teach a 90 minute yoga class.

The What

The design of this program takes a holistic approach to teacher training, born from the belief that being and becoming an impactful teacher lies beyond knowledge of asana to include a strong focus on personal development.  It includes 180 contact hours, and 20 hours of pre-and-post-work.  The training will centre around a strong vinyasa-style class that can be adapted and modified for any level. My style of teaching and leading is strongly influenced by the Baptiste Yoga Methodology, which you can learn more about here.

You will discover:

  • Asana - an empowering physical practice

  • Assisting - effective hands-on and energetic assists

  • Anatomy - engaging physiology guided by a guest teacher

  • Transformation - discovery tools to access personal breakthroughs

  • Practice Teaching - powerful exercises to build skills and confidence

  • Advanced Asana - functional tips for teaching and assisting advanced poses safely

  • Business, Ethics, and Lifestyle - educational discussion around creating a successful yoga business

  • Physical and Personal Boundaries - keeping yourself and your students safe

  • Alignment - informative breakdowns of postures, including modifications and variations

  • Meditation - the mechanics, techniques, and practice of meditation and mindfulness

  • Impactful Teaching - how to lead a powerful and inspiring class

  • Sequencing - creative and functional tools for building a class plan

  • Modern Philosophy - incorporating personal and philosophical themes to create a memorable class

  • Yoga History / Chakras / Lifestyle - shedding light on the historical and energetic aspects of the practice

Required Reading: 
Yamas and Niyamas - Deborah Adele
Being of Power - Baron Baptiste

The Where and When

Live in Discovery 2019 is complete.

The 2020 dates and details will be announced soon!


The Frequently Asked

I haven't been practicing yoga long, can I sign up?

The answer to this will differ from person to person.  I know people that waited 10 years before completing their training and others that signed up within 6 months of starting their practice.  Get in touch with me here and we can arrange a time to talk and discuss if the program is right for you! My short answer is, if it feels right, do it.

Do I have to know how to headstand to do this teacher training?

You might be surprised how often I hear this question... and I get it! I remember when I signed up for my first training, I started practicing headstand everyday under some notion I needed it to be a successful teacher. I can tell you the answer, at least for this training, is an emphatic no. This training doesn't require anything from you other than an open mind and a willingness to dive deep.

I don't live in Melbourne, can I sign up?

Absolutely, I frequently meet students who have travelled interstate and overseas for training. This training is certified by Yoga Alliance and is recognised worldwide.  

If so, can I stay at your house?

I wish, my friend. I'll be at an AirBnb myself! I recommend looking at AirBnb to find accomodation in the area. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other students in the training to arrange shared accomodation.

Are there any prerequisites for this training?

Nope! This training is perfect for new students keen to complete a comprehensive and powerful teacher training, as well as existing teachers who want to supplement and add a new layer of power and knowledge to their training.

What if I don't want to become a teacher?

The training is designed for those wanting to teach, those looking to deepen their practice, and those seeking to gain confidence and leadership in their life. Whatever your intention, this training promises to leave you feeling lit up and ready to take on your practice and life in a whole new way.

I have an injury / special condition, can I still take this training?

I'm comfortable working with injuries and modifying the physical practice to suit your needs. That said, it's important you consult a physician and get the official 'OK'. Feel free to get in touch with me here and we can arrange a time to discuss your circumstances.

Is it OK to do this teacher training if I'm pregnant?

This training can absolutely be modified to accomodate your beautiful gift!  It's important, however, you speak with your doctor about the training and get their 'OK'.  

What are the graduation requirements?

100% attendance is required, as well as submission of all pre and post work assessments. 100% of tuition must also be paid.

What if I have to miss some hours?

It's important you're able to attend 100% of the training, not just for the certification requirements but also for your comprehensive and complete development as a teacher of the Live in Discovery™ training. That said, I understand that life happens. If you need to miss part of the training for any reason, you can make up the time with a lead facilitator at an hourly rate.

Will I be qualified to teach after this training?

You'll be qualified to teach, yes.  More importantly, you'll be eager to get out and do it!