The Mentorship Program

Having spoken with countless teachers, both new and experienced,  
I discovered there was a huge need for support and guidance.  

Meet the Mentorship Program.  


The Why? 

This is always a good place to start.  There are many reasons to undertake a mentorship program and many such programs to choose.  The unique structure of this program takes into account the unique Why of each individual, and as such the program content is designed to meet your specific objectives.  This also means that the program, simply, is for anyone who wants something more from their teaching: from new teachers who tell themselves they need more training before they start, to those who want more business and self-marketing know-how; from teachers who feel uninspired, to those who want something more from their leadership.  While I may not know your individual Why, I do know I will provide a nurturing and supportive (and sometimes pushy-but-from-love) environment for you to develop your skills and voice as a teacher, and find the confidence to deliver them impactfully both in the classroom and in your life.


The What?

Good question.  Your program can include either in-person or FaceTime sessions with follow-up calls in the days proceeding.  These sessions can include a mix of coaching strategies, teaching feedback, yoga education, and business development so you feel equipped, confident, and inspired to go and share yourself and your teaching with your community.  Depending on your objectives, there will also be times I request a video of your teaching for review before our session.  Ultimately, your objectives will define the What.  Previous and current mentees have worked with me to:
-       Surpass limiting beliefs that stood between them and their inspired, impactful teaching,
-       Develop their online presence, both through website development and social media coaching,
-       Learn more about the anatomy of yoga poses to teach alignment safely and powerfully,
-       Learn how to offer hands-on assists that elevate both them and their students to a new place,
-       Find their voice in the classroom,
-       Develop confidence in their teaching and life,
-       Learn to find and approach the right studios for the right jobs,
-       Manage the balance between their 9-5 career and their on-the-side teaching,
-       Find inspiration for their sequencing,
-       Develop their ability to generate and inspire philosophy in the classroom,
-       (insert your objectives here).  Whatever you’re looking for in your teaching, we can work together to create it.


The Finer What?

I’m a firm believer in believing.  I want you to feel confident in the process and desired outcomes of your mentorship program, so before you sign on we'll arrange a (free and no-commitment) 20 minute call.  This will give me the opportunity to learn about you and your objectives, and you'll be able to ask me any questions about myself or the program.  If that all feels good for you, your program is designed in the following packages:

3 x 1hr in-person/ FaceTime sessions per month, including a 20 minute follow up ($489p/m - one month only)


2 x 1hr in-person/ FaceTIme sessions per month, including a 20 minute follow up ($299p/m - three months)

I’m also flexible in the structure of the program- if you have any requests or specific requirements, we can work together to create a program outline that suits you. 


The How?

Easy.  The first move is to get in touch!  Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you within two-to-three business days to arrange a call.

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