About Me

(The Official and Not-so-Official) 




The Not-so-Official Introduction

I love my dog, his name is Benny.  I love all music, and I'm not ashamed to blast some country tunes, after singing loudly to pop and heating up the car with my rapping, which is Notoriously B.A.D.  

I love exploring the world and I used to be a fashion buyer. I love what I do now. I love everything about it, but especially the part where I get to be involved in people discovering something new for themselves. I'm fiercely independent and equally needy... If you don't see how they work together then you're in for a treat.

I like nutella. A lot. When Harry Met Sally is my favourite movie. I'm not good with scary things, and I could spend my life at Disneyland. I quote Seinfeld and the Simpsons too much.  I'm terrible at taking care of plants- it's not that I'm lazy or anything, I water them I swear, they just tend to die and it makes me question my abilities as a human. I love science documentaries and anything about space.  

I prefer red wine over white, and dark chocolate over.. well any other kind of food. I spend a lot of time in Sephora and "a lot" is most definitely a conservative estimate. I'm a dreamer and a doer. I love listening to people talk about their passion. I come from a big Italian family, and I can confirm every stereotype you're thinking.  

I'm known for being hopeful and believing that everything works out. AND sometimes I have days when I'm a dramatic and childish - though impressive - mess. 

I really do just want to make the world a better place and laugh as often as possible.

The Official Introduction

After an extensive career in international business, Renee decided to shift her trajectory, travelling to the U.S. to learn from world-leading teachers, Baron Baptiste and Paige Elenson.  After considerable training, Renee combined her passion for yoga and her deep understanding of self-development to lead classes, run global retreats, and train teachers. 
Renee is committed to creating possibility, both on and off the mat, guiding her students and clients on a journey of self-discovery, helping them realise and step into their unique potential.  She has worked with the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya over the past several years, assisting their training and helping to bring yoga to the communities across Africa (you can learn more about AYP here).
Renee's classes are dynamic, powerful, and uplifting. She's dedicated to the creation and development of community, and inspires her students to do the work of the practice both on their mat and in their lives.
Renee is registered with Yoga Alliance Australia-International as an ERYT-250 PLUS. 
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