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What does it mean...

to Live in Discovery™? Well I still remember what life was like years ago: working 12 hour days, traveling constantly, sick often. While I had dreams of doing something else, I was good at putting it in the "I'm too far down this path" or "it's not realistic" basket when really I was scared. I actually think I was scared and didn't even know. It was a sneaky kind of fear; fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss, fear of judgement. It was under-the-surface, total, outright, all-engrossing fear. And it was driving my choices. So I chose to look deeper into what I really wanted and made a conscious effort to embrace the answers with curiosity. And that, to me, is living in discovery: the unpacking of- and ongoing curiosity about myself and my life to create each moment as an adventure.

What's On and Where

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Retreats - Morocco & California

Fill your soul's thirst for adventure with these life-changing retreats.  2019 spots are booked out, check back for updates to the 2020 retreat schedule.

Teacher Training

This two-week intensive training is designed to energise and empower you to take your practice and your life to a whole new level. 2020 dates TBA.

The Mentorship Program

Learn more about how this program will give you the tools to discover what's holding you back from your authentic and impactful teaching.


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